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24 carat real gold “crown”

24 carat real gold “crown”

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“Crown” with 24 carat real gold embossing

You are looking for the most extraordinary gift ever!
We at Tissuedesign are the only manufacturer in the world
this unique gift.
A black toilet roll with 24 carat real gold embossing on each sheet.
Wrapped on a plexiglass core, covered with gold ribbon in a matching color
Organza bag and packed in the MAX gift box decorated with Swarovski stones!

Only manufacturer in the world!
Tissue design

Details about the toilet roll

Sheets per roll: approx. 120-130 sheets
Layers: 3 layers
Dimensions: toilet roll 9 cm wide, 10 cm diameter
Tin: 13cm height & 13cm diameter
Embossing: Each sheet

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